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Types Of Flooring To Remodeling The Bathroom You Must Know

Right types of flooring depend on the type of bathroom you want, and who will use it. All options should flooring suitable for use in humid circumstances, safe, even in wet conditions. It also must be hygienic and easy to clean. Of course, the floor should also be worth a look, fit in with the overall design and color scheme of your choice.

Several types of flooring Paradigm Polished Concrete Floors below has advantages and disadvantages that need time to examine all the possibilities. If your bathroom is intended to be used by many people, either by family or guests, you must choose durable and easy to clean. If the bathroom users are children and the elderly, the top priority must be security problems. Or if you want a luxury bathroom, you can focus on the design and appearance.

Floor Tiles

Tile floors are a classic choice and the most frequently used in the selection of the type of flooring, looks good, waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. The drawback is hard and feel cold when touched, and sometimes slippery when wet .

Ceramic tiles can be coated or left plain. Coated tiles are usually not suitable for slippery bathroom . While the plain tiles are available in types that are not slippery, so as to make the type an ideal choice. Mosaic tile is a tile or glass-ceramic sold small-sized sheets. This type is suitable for contemporary bathrooms .

Tiles from the ground, such as terracotta, has a smooth surface roughness and provide good and durable. Terracotta tiles may require glue before and after installation .
Tiles of stone, for example, marble, granite, and slate providing different levels of comfort . Quite slippery marble , slate while giving a more natural roughness , although it requires a certain glue because it has pores .

Before installing any tiles , you need to do adequate preparation , depending on the existing tile surface . Concrete tiles must be aged at least six weeks and is completely dry before the ceramic tiles mounted thereon . Wood tiles is not a good basis and should be covered with plywood or plastic sheet

If you are already fitted with floor tiles , the tiles should be removed before a new one is replaced . Consider your options if the weight of the tiles will be installed on the upper floor . You need to make sure that the roof is able to withstand heavy tiles like granite or marble . Check with the building contractor for security issues. Shortage of floor tiles that is, cold, hard, and slippery


The second types of flooring is carpet . Carpets become a convenient option for the feet . But the material does not match the smooth water . Choose which are specially made for the bathroom , which is coated with rubber , and are made from cotton or synthetic materials . This material is able to withstand moisture , although still not an ideal choice for areas that are always wet . Steer clear of fitted carpets and permanently intact. If the pipe under the tiles need repair , carpet can be removed and reinstalled .

The carpet may be the right choice because it can be easily removed to be dried or replaced if wet . The carpet is easy to install and cut to the desired shape . If you are creative , you can also create your own design creations , such as by bending, plaid , stripes , and more. Or spread a rug on the floor to enjoy the comfort of the carpet without any problems . Disadvantages of using carpet ie , does not match with that too much water / wet

Vinyl And Linoleum

The second types of flooring is vinyl or linoleum , especially patterned cushion , is an option that is convenient and cheap , durable and easy to install . The drawback is this kind can not be used on uneven floors and easy graze or damaged due to heel .

Modern choice in a wide variety of exceptional design , including the design of marble , wood grain , and the effect of the tiles . The price is half of the original , if your budget is limited , this is an ideal choice . If you are a person who likes to do everything himself , vinyl and linoleum is the right choice , because the material is easily installed

Vinyl tile and linoleum also minimizes the connection , thus preventing the water is absorbed and causes the raised floor . To make over that instant , you can paint vinyl with different colors . You will get a new look , make sure you use a special paint vinyl flooring . Disadvantages use of vinyl that is easily scratched , not suitable for uneven floor .

Wooden Tiles And Upholstery With Wood Effect

If you are lucky enough to get the wooden floor boards , maximize its usefulness with color , then on glue with waterproof glue . This types of flooring would look beautiful in a traditional or rustic -style room . Thick floor mats will make it softer and add color, comfort, and texture to the wood

For the final look more colorful , or to create the effect of a tile or a stencil , use satinwood paint on the floor boards . Do not forget to protect and coat the paint with clear varnish durable . Remember that wood tiles can pass wind. So consider this if you decide not to banisters .

If you like the look of wood but do not have the floor boards , select a special wood coatings in the design for the bathroom . Do not use ordinary coatings in damp or wet conditions , because the coating will be lifted and folded . This kind of cheap and easy to install , if you are confident , you can install one. Unfortunately this floor slippery when wet . Be careful when installing so really strong connection to prevent water seep around the connection . Disadvantages of the use of wood tiles, namely, rough on bare feet, and did not fit in with the water/wet


The next types of flooring are rubber. Rubber warm, waterproof, practical, and if you are interested in any available color one chosen, rubber is also a nice selection of tiles . This tile for the bathroom looked beautiful contemporary type, especially if the two colors fitted with chess pattern. Special glue can be purchased and must be used to protect the tiles and prevent scratches. Disadvantages of Laret that can be scratched if it is not coated with a special coating.