The World's Most Expensive Homes

The World’s Most Expensive Homes

Have you ever skimmed through home design magazines and wondered if people actually live in those glamorous homes? As much as we’d like to think these are just Photoshopped houses, the truth is, people actually live there. Yes, filthy rich people can afford to live in glamorous homes with all the money they are making, they spend huge amount on cleaning services if you are also searching for roof cleaning service provider search for roof cleaning near me and you will be amazed that there are a lot of cleaning service providers that can serve your needs like If you had billions of dollars in the bank, a promising career with a steady stream of income that could reach 8-digits, would you choose to live in an ordinary home? We don’t think so. Here’s a list of rich people who live in super-expensive homes all over the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to

Call it impractical but filthy rich people aren’t afraid to spend billions of dollars to build beautiful mansions. Let’s discover the world’s most glamorous homes to date.  

Mukesh Ambani

Do you know who he is? In case you’re not familiar with his name, Mukesh Ambani is actually ranked as the 5th richest man all over the world. He is the head of Reliance Industries, a petrochemical company that is said to be worth $43,000,000,000! And so it makes sense that he’d build a mansion for himself. He owns a skyscraper in the very heart of Mumbai that’s 27-storeys high and it cost him $2,000,000,000. His wife replicated the interiors of a luxury 5-star hotel the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York and asked that her billion-dollar house be designed just like it. The accuracy and meticulousness of the interiors and add to that the variety of materials made it one of the most glamorous homes in the more about Mukesh at

The World's Most Expensive Homes

Updown Court

The Updown Court is located around 25 miles away from the largest capital of England. Beyond the stylish iron gates, you will find an opulent construction of utmost beauty. This property is said to cost a whopping $150,000,000. It has 5 swimming pools, more than a hundred rooms and a mosaic floor peppered with 24-carat gold leaves. It has a screening room that can seat up to 50 people, a squash court and a helipad.

Versailles, Florida

You can find the largest home built in America in Florida. In fact, you don’t call it a home you call it a mansion. It’s one of the most expensive and the most glamorous homes in the United States. It has over 30 bedrooms in total, a skating rink, a massive swimming pool, and a bowling alley. The construction took 18 months to complete.

Mariah Carey’s Palace

Famed for her voice and her legs, Mariah Carey is the epitome of perfection. Over the years, she was able to maintain her career and her popularity. This explains why she could afford one of the most glamorous homes in the world – the Fleur De Lys. She paid $125,000,000 to live in this opulent mansion.

Only very few and only the very rich can afford to live in these extravagant mansions. Besides, if you had billions of dollars sitting in the bank why wouldn’t you build your own mansion?