Decorative Concrete-St. Louis

Decorative Concrete-St. Louis

St. Louis Epoxy Floors presents to you one of our most anticipated flooring options.


This flooring option will just wow you. Most of the orders we have for installing this are from either residential homes or commercial buildings. And the possibilities do not end there. You can design your own decorative concrete that matches your space.

Decorative Concrete will let you have any design you think of at your footsteps. You will be getting unlimited flooring designs that would not only feel good to walk on but will also be aesthetically pleasing. You can make your floors look like slate or brick or tile or granite or marble or anything you want. The possibilities are enormous.

You definitely don’t have to worry about costly flooring options. We have got you covered. You can easily spend a good sum of your money on other things as well and also not worry about your concrete looking plain, gray and old.

Decorative Concrete-St. Louis

Our award-winning decorative concrete has been manufactured using top quality of ingredients so that our customers can be satisfied. We pride ourselves because of the quality we bring in the market. Epoxy Floors also has the latest equipment that is needed for creating this piece of art. We can use our tool to bring any design you have in mind to life. Our staff is also well experienced at their jobs and can handle any task and design you put their way. They can also guide you and help you in selecting a design according to your choices and needs. You can also get more assistance for home remodeling at our partner company Palm Beach County Kitchen Remodel.

Decorative Concrete has many variations that customers can select from according to their preferences.

If you want your concrete surface to resemble pavers or even bricks then go for Stamped Concrete Overlay. These are installed on top of existing concrete slabs so you don’t have to worry about your old concrete being turned to pieces.

If you are looking for a more colorful option wherein we stain the concrete and make it into a beautiful smooth and glossy concrete product, the Concrete Acid Stain is the way to go. As the name suggests this includes staining of the concrete using Acid and can be installed anywhere including homes, hotels, museum, etc.

If you want to add a sort of textured touch to your concrete, then Trowel-On Concrete should be your top choice. We trowel on a thin layer of cement to create the illusion of rippled stone on your concrete. We have used this option in restaurants, hotels, motels, patios and footpaths all in a variety of shades, designs and colours.

Here at Epoxy Floors St. Louis we know that your home or business comes with a concrete flooring and we want to help you come up with ways to upgrade that. Our team and our high-quality ingredients all help us in building our positive name and satisfying our clientele. So hurry up and rush to our store before spending any more money anywhere else. We are waiting!