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4 Reasons Why Your Basement Needs Epoxy Flooring

Are you considering several flooring options for your basement? If so, you might want to consider replacing it with epoxy flooring. Aside from adding vibrant color to your otherwise gloomy and dreary-looking basement, this flooring solution can also provide you with a slew of benefits that you can’t afford to overlook. If you don’t know much about epoxy flooring, you’re …

Decorative Concrete-Delray Beach

Decorative Concrete is the new hit thing in the market. Available at Epoxy Floors Delray Beach, this flooring system is unique and aesthetic at the same time. Epoxy Floors at Delray Beach have installed this in various places including restaurants, offices, malls, hotels, garages and may other places. The possibilities where you can install decorative concretes are countless.

Decorative concrete …

Decorative Concrete-St. Louis

St. Louis Epoxy Floors presents to you one of our most anticipated flooring options.


This flooring option will just wow you. Most of the orders we have for installing this are from either residential homes or commercial buildings. And the possibilities do not end there. You can design your own decorative concrete that matches your space.

Decorative …

Metallic Epoxy Floor Atlanta

Metallic Epoxy Floor Atlanta is a distinctive ornamental concrete flooring choice for subservient applications and for those who are looking to convey a distinctive and artistic touch. A metallic epoxy exhibits attractiveness in a practicable, seamless chemical resistant floor coating in a cluster of styles. They are fashionable decorative floor option in restaurants, offices, homes, and more spaces.

Metallic Epoxy …